Tenancy Agreement Prescribed Information

In addition, landlords who have not placed a deposit in a TDP system within 30 days of receipt or who have not provided the required information cannot distribute a tenant with a Section 21 notification until the deposit is refunded to the tenant and the required information has been disclosed. The prescribed information is a certain group of information about a rental agreement that you must legally make available to your tenants. You must provide your tenants with the prescribed information within 30 days of receiving the broker/owner`s deposit. Mandatory information is defined in the 2007 Housing Regulations (rental regulations) (prescribed information). [2] All the following information must be provided to the tenant and to all concerned: the address and contact information of the administrator of the rental deposit system; when bail is held THE HOUSING (TENANCY DEPOSITS) (PRESCRIBED INFORMATION) ORDER 2007 No. 797 – This instrument complements the provisions relating to rent bonding systems in sections 212 to 215 of the Housing Act 2004 (“Law”). It applies to landlords who have leased their property on an insured short-term lease and who have taken out a security deposit for the performance or performance of one of the tenant`s obligations arising from or related to the lease. The instrument requires the information that a landlord must provide to such a tenant and to anyone who has paid a deposit on behalf of the tenant within 30 days (before 14 days) after receiving the deposit. As a reference for the PRESCRIBED INFORMATION) 2007 No. 797 – requires the following [in accordance with our documents]. The 2011 Rental Bail Bonds (Scotland) Regulations also require you to give your tenants some important information about their deposit. To help you, we`ve created the model below. If you use the model`s Private Residential Tenancy (PrT) agreement, you can use the “Mandatory Information” (PRT) model.

If you have additional clauses, please add them to the model. Click here for an information model and a diagram brochure. The law does not require the delivery of a copy of the system`s deposit certificate for the tenant or person concerned, but this may be required by the rules of the chosen rent bonding system. For more information on systems rules, see Approved Systems. The information that needs to be disclosed is set out in regulations. It consists of two types of information: one of the things that people often neglect is the clause in your lease, which defines the property you can deduct from deposit money (required by s2 (g) (vi) settlements).

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