Linkedin Data Sharing Agreement

LinkedIn not only prohibits scratching or copying data in its user agreement, but it also prevents access to its servers by unauthorized automated bots and uses other technical systems to detect non-personal activities that indicate scraping and block suspicious or unfavorable IP addresses. LinkedIn`s mission is to connect professionals around the world to be more productive and efficient. This mission is focused on our commitment to be transparent with you about the data we collect about you and how it is used and shared. With respect to LinkedIn`s economic interests – avoiding competition from third parties who also want to profit from the sale of their users` data – the court found that LinkedIn “has no ownership interest in the data provided by its users, as users retain ownership of their profiles.” In addition, users “obviously” intend others to access their profile data, “including for commercial purposes.” By using our services, you agree to use your data under this Privacy Policy. Data accessible by LinkedIn is not permanently stored in Microsoft services. For more information on Microsoft`s use of personal data, see Microsoft`s Privacy Statement. If you use our services, you agree to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy (including our privacy policy and other documents covered by this Privacy Policy) and you accept the user agreement. We offer you a choice that will allow you to unsubscribe or control how we use and share your data. To create an account, enter data such as your name, email address and/or mobile phone number, as well as a password.

If you sign up for a premium service, we ask for payment information (for example. B credit card) and invoices. If you choose to close your Linkedin (or SlideShare) account, your personal data will generally no longer be visible within 24 hours for other network services. We generally delete closed account information within 30 days of closing the account, except as shown below. You have the choice of information in your profile, such as your training, work experience, skills, photography, city or field and recommendations. Some professionals may choose to fill out a separate ProFinder profile.

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