Child Support Agreement Ph

” Good morning. My scenario is that I became the full-time dad for several years, we have two young children. We live with my in-laws and my wife works in their family business. We don`t have Yaya and my in-laws are occupied by their own businesses. Whenever I have an opportunity to win, my wife always tells me “papaano eh can trabaho ako sino maiiwan sa mga bata” so for years my wife was able to save enough money to do our own business. Since business is working, where I can finally help him develop business and have a comfortable life. Suddenly, she wants to separate just because she is no longer satisfied with her relationship. I have a job, but my salary can`t bear all the expenses, traveling for 4 hours just to pick up my kids on weekends. I pay for school, and I stock up every day, like diapers of milk and snacks. I refuse to give her money because of her spending habits, she often complains about our child`s expenses, but she always brags about her luxurious and useless things that she buys for herself. Now she was filling in a child care and custody of an AGENCE office.

My question is: what would be the correct procedure based on the occupancy of child care/childcare? Kasi I think I did what is best for my children kaya ako nag sacrifice career to take care of them and, in any case, they did not deserve in this situation. Thanks in advance his sagot in. Art. 176. Illegitimate children have the surname and depend on the parental authority of their mother and are entitled to assistance in accordance with this code. The legitimization of each illegitimate child consists of half of the legitimized child. With the exception of this amendment, all other provisions of the Civil Code on Inheritance Rights remain in effect. (287 bis) Art. 209. In accordance with the natural and duty of parents over the person and property of their ungy children, parental authority and responsibility include the care and education of civic conscience and efficiency, as well as the development of their moral, mental and physical character and well-being. n) If we can prove that the children are not my husband`s, is it possible that his name is highlighted in the children`s birth certificate? R.A.

9262 pressures a father to take care of his child by threatening him with criminal charges if he does not provide support. Hello. I have a two-year-old son and his father didn`t give financial help during my pregnancy until he got a job, but he rarely gives his income, but his parents do.

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