Which Of The Following Sentences Uses Correct Subject-Verb Agreement

9 Write the right verb. 1.Many foreigners (is, are) able to speak the language. 2.The dog (bark, bark). 3.Babies (crying, crying). 4.La most of the apple (east, are) out of breath. 5.Ni the dog or the cat (run, run) very quickly. 6.They (is, are) talking too much. Students demonstrate proficiency in the use of specialized verb agreements. 1 Which sentence uses the correct subject/verb setting? A.

Each of the symptoms of dyslexia occurs in boys and girls. B. Each of the symptoms of dyslexia appears in boys and girls. C. Several symptoms of dyslexia appear in boys and girls. D. Many of the symptoms of dyslexia have appeared in boys and girls. Here are three phone directories; Maybe they have the right phone number. 4 Special collective appointments – a name that acts as a unit, even if it is composed of several members. (group, family, crew, committee, class, quantity, etc.) These names are treated as singular nouns: examples: the band plays its stage in front of a screaming crowd. The committee discusses taxes before leaving for the day.

Two thousand years ago, Rome was one of the largest cities in the world. There is a large well in the middle of what is called “The Place.” Father asked, “Is the evening news at 5 or 6 o`clock? At the back of the bus is a box or bag of old clothes. Many dogs, including last year`s first winner, were supported by the rules. Harriet or her parents join the local pantry every Saturday. One of the finalists, Mary Kilgore, became a famous movie star. In-depth studies are needed on the new drug. My father says that all work, and no play, is misfortune! The bus driver makes sure to check the dangers of the road. Teen Beat Club members Walter and Sam meet Monday night. In the long queue near the water fountain, two students were about to go to class. A good cook with the right equipment to make dicing an onion easy to look at.

Some problems with the behavior of dogs, such as the ditch. B, concern only the owner of the dog. Pork and Beans Restaurant serves antacids for their meals. 5 Singular pronouns- him, she, she pluralized it Regularly: he, she, she (singular), she (plural) He goes to the mall. They`re going to the mall. She`s going to the mall. He`s going to the mall. Holland, Michigan, a city with tulip fields, are a beautiful sight to see.

The ship`s crew members ate two hours before the start of service. There was no exact map of the oceans when Columbus crossed the sea. 10 IN ORDER TO RECEIVE POINTS TODAY: Fill out the worksheet as a group. You`ll find the scores below. 0: 10 Missed Points 1: 8 Missed Points 2: 6 Missed Points 3: 4 Missed Points 4: 2 Missed Points 5: 1 Point In Ancient Egypt, a body wrapped in bandages was called mummy. 3 1.Decide whether the subject is singular or plural or not. 2.The verb MUST agree in the number. Don`t forget: S ingular S ubjects take singular verbs! sLydia screams when she walks down the hall.

The dog is begging for the treat. Italian painters in the 17th century were known for an emotional and direct style of painting. Anyone who eats candy has the potential to have cavities. There are a few magazines on the rack, and you can borrow any of them. 8 The singular and plural number depends on substantial in the expression that follows Everything (girl) attending the wedding. Most of the (stain) does not come out of the shirt. All Any More Most None Some images of childhood scenes often make Ms. Harper languish for her three children. The latest research on dog behaviour shows that it is important to establish clear rules. Continuous barking over long periods of time is a sign that something is wrong.

6 Indeterminate pronouns – words that replace names without giving the name they replace – you can read in the plural or plural few people.

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