Services Agreement

12.1 Mutual guarantees. Each party assures and guarantees the other that it has the legal power and power to conclude this agreement and that this agreement has been duly approved, executed and delivered and that it constitutes a valid and binding agreement applicable against that contracting party in accordance with its terms. Is there a download option in for captioning contracts or a company you know, with download options for captioning orders As long as the use of the service requires the use of third-party products or services not provided by TrueRev (. B for example, Oracle, Adobe Acrobat, Salesforce CRM, Amazon Web Services and/or a web browser), the customer may be required to purchase these products or services separately from the relevant third party. In addition, as part of the service`s use, the Customer may purchase/concede certain other third-party products and/or services provided by TrueRev. All products and services provided by third parties (even if they are included in an order form or are made available via a Website controlled by TrueRev) and all associated conditions (even if presented by TrueRev) are between the customer and the third parties concerned. TrueRev does not support, license, control, support or assume any guarantees regarding third-party products or services in this section and, under no circumstances, TrueRev will have any liability related to this. 13.2 By the customer. The customer will defend TrueRev, its affiliates, senior executives, directors and employees before and against all claims made by a third party on the basis of a breach by the Customer of Section 4 (customer responsibility) of this agreement. The client also releases TrueRev and its partners, executives, directors and employees by paying all damages, costs and costs (including legal fees and reasonable fees) awarded by a competent court in a final judgment not in questionable or entered into a written transaction agreement agreed in writing by the client and resulting from third-party claims described in this section. Rev also stated that its customers “are not downloading offensive content” and that the company “does not require anyone to work on certain projects.” The site`s terms of use state that it is impossible to post content that is “threatening, offensive, inconvenient, inconvenient, inconvenient, violent, too violent, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, pornographic, defamatory, encroaching on the privacy of another, racist, ethnic or otherwise,” but its clients appear to be breaking the rules. Last month, Rev employees talked about transcribing porn, graphic operations videos and 911 domestic violence calls in the company`s forum.

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