Nhpa Programmatic Agreements

In accordance with Section IX. Subsequent agreements of the 2008 nHPA national programmatic agreement may allow the Parkaufsehe authorities to develop additional agreements with shPO or with State-recognized Indian strains to define the conditions under which no formal consultation or verification of fire activities is required. Such agreements may be specific to a project, plan, activity or park and may complement or be independent of the national agreement. For example, the park may indicate that high-risk or sensitive cultural resources and historical properties can be effectively protected by the application of certain treatment measures. The park can develop programmatic agreements with the SHPO and state-recognized Indian tribes, which require consistent application of these treatments, and reduce repeated consultations on the conduct of these activities. The list of treatments accepted as standard and applicable without resource evaluation and consultation will likely vary between TVs and will depend on the state of knowledge within the SHPO office regarding fire effects on cultural resources. Authorized treatments may vary from one SHPO office, as they may differ in terms of adverse effect or tolerance of effects. Some VETs may recommend treatments that pose little or no risk to physical changes in cultural resources. These types of standard treatments are more related to total prevention and the exclusion of fires or soil disturbances. Other VETs may accept certain treatment measures as “standard,” even if these measures are exposed to risky resources or affect physical characteristics that are not essential to historical property. While some treatment measures may lead to physical changes, the purpose of the treatment measure may be to protect the characteristics of the cultural resource that best defines its importance. If a SHPO strictly defines standard treatment measures that do not require consultation, the park could negotiate to consider a wider range of standard treatments that can be applied with expedited consultation. Standard treatment measures provide the SHPO, Native American tribes and the public with a clear picture of the management instructions a park will take to ensure appropriate treatment of cultural resources in the event of a wildlife fire.

Depending on the circumstances, CVOs may consent to parks being able to conduct fire activities without additional verification if standard treatment measures are implemented and cultural resource protection can be adequately ensured. Agreements between a park and a SHPO, a THPO or a state-recognized Indian strain at the end of Section 106 of the NHPA for standard compliance activities, the prevention of cultural resources or the reduction of fire and fire activities are documented in a programming agreement.

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