Co Op Lease Agreement

17. (a) The collateral of this lease and the shares on which it is registered does not constitute a violation of this lease; however, unless otherwise stated, neither the assignor nor the cement holder of the guarantee are allowed to transfer the shares into the landlord`s books, not to choose those shares, to occupy or authorize the occupancy by other persons of the dwelling or to sell these shares or this lease, without first obtaining the agreement of the lessor. , in accordance with the provisions of paragraphs 14 and in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 14. 15 or 16. The acceptance by the lessor of the payment of the guarantee or a taker of the mortgaged guarantee on the basis of an additional rent or rent does not constitute a waiver of the above provisions. (a) if the tenant no longer owns the shares to which the lease is eligible, or if the lease is awarded to a person who does not own all the shares involved; (d) If the lease is awarded in accordance with this agreement, the tenant-transferee is no longer responsible for the obligations of the lease agreement that must be fulfilled thereafter. NON-OCCUPYING DUTIES LESSEES 50. A tenant who holds shares allocated to a non-purchased tenant`s dwelling holds these shares under the terms of the existing lease or lease and in the applicable provisions of the laws of the State and the City of New York. A non-occupier tenant is required to pay the costs and maintenance of his dwelling to the housing company, even if the amount of maintenance and expenses mentioned above exceeds the amount of rent the tenant receives in the occupancy.

In addition, a non-occupier tenant is responsible for all legal costs, fees and taxes related to the tenancy agreement. This tenant is also responsible for the performance of all obligations of the lessor under the rental contract or the tenant`s rental in the occupation, which include, but not only the obligation to repair, replace and maintain the sanitary facilities refrigerator, area, lighting and other equipment in the apartment, as well as the painting of the apartment. This tenant also undertakes to join (i) the Rent Stabilization Association or any other interprofessional organization required by the Omnibus Housing Act of 1983, and (ii) to comply with the rules and regulations of the current Rent Act. Any tenant who acquires shares allocated to an apartment of a non-purchased tenant must, irrevocably, appoint the executive representative of Apartment Corporation and his successors as a representative in order to make available to the non-purchasing tenant all services and facilities prescribed by law. 37. No later than thirty days after the end of all ownership contracts, whether at the end of their term or otherwise, a special meeting of the lessor`s shareholders takes place to decide whether (a) the building must continue to function as a dwelling house, b) modify or transform the building and liquidate the lessor`s assets and liquidate the lessor`s assets. , and the directors execute the decision taken at the lessor`s shareholders` meeting, and all holders of the issued and outstanding shares of the lessor have the rights guaranteed to the shareholders of a company owning the property. b) If the underwriters who hold at least 80% of the lender`s shares issued and outstanding at the time take the opportunity to terminate their leases within one year, the possibility of terminating their leases and all other leases expire on September 30 of the year in which these options would have been exercised , as if each taker had exercised this option.

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